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The DQ

The book of life

It's not dark yet
15 June 1976
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  • devinlind
I'm an intergender/guy (formerly known as cd_lind but I only post here for now), and I am the Gerard Butler of LiveJournal) in hir 30s living with my gf and two cats in northern Sweden. When I'm not writing or engaging in politics, I enjoy reading, chatting with friends or watching movies. I love clothes shopping but can rarely afford everything I want to buy....


I am

ambiguous, androgyne, androgynous, bearded woman, beautiful, bisexual, boy, boy in a skirt, boychick, brunet, brunette, caring, chubby, creative, crip, crossdresser, cuddly, cute, dominant, dork, drama queen, dreamer, dude, dunno yet, extrovert, FTM, fat, female-bodied, female-born, friendly, GLBTQ, gay, geek, gender bender, genderqueer, genetic woman, hairy, homosextransman, intergender, intersex, kinky, loving, Mr., Mx., man with a vagina, man with boobs, masculine, misunderstood, mixed-gendered, nerd, no thank you, open, outgoing, outspoken, passionate, quirky, sadomasochist, sensitive, sir, sparkly, third gender, trans, transgender, transman, transperson, understanding, XXY

Who are you?

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